- Allow us to access the apartment and choose the LFP most suitable for you.
- Make the first payment
- Wait for the delivery of the ordering (usually it takes 5 to 7 weeks)
- Make the last payment at the same time that our installation team is ready to start furnishing your apartment
- See the pictures sent to you from our staff of your brand new furnished apartment


​You bought a property overseas and want to furnish it without having to travel back to Lisbon?
- You would like to furnish your apartment but have no time to do it?
- Do you want furniture most adequate at your renting model?

Step by step process

Step 0

Allow us to view your property so that we can send you a realistic proposal. Lisbon Furniture Packs accessing the property. Make a plan of the apartment and assess where the furniture should go.

Step 1

Sending Lisbon Furniture Packs two pieces of information:
- What budget you are on,
- What style does you feel more comfortable with,
This step is set up with an email from LFP to the client. We send a range of budgets and a range of furniture styles.

Step 2

By receiving the budget and style information from you, Lisbon Furniture Packs prepares 2 Proposals (A and B) to send to you. The proposal includes the budget and shows the big pieces of furniture included in the pack (beds, sofa, dinner table, lighting, cousins and others). You just have to chose one you are more comfortable with.

Step 3

We ask you for 70% payment and once the payment is done the items will be purchased and within 5 to 7 weeks the apartment will be furnished.

Step 4

The last, 30% payment will be done Mbefore our team enters the property ready for the installation. LFP installation team will take one to two days to carefully install all items. The installation includes a deep cleaning fee. After everything is done, our team will make the pictures of your new home furniture and get it ready to rent.

LFP is a furniture company that has gain a lot of experience in the short-term renting market in Lisbon.
Our list of items is based on what a property needs to Rent on the Short, Mid or Long Term.

Experts on the renting market

90% of our clients have purchased a property as an investment asset. We are well aware of the importance of figures in these cases - the cost efficiency must be on the top priority list of our clients needs. Therefore we have specialized in furnishing property for the short-term renting market.

The short-term market has two very important elements that will determine a very high cost efficiency. First of all comes the photoshoot that will most likely be set up right after our fitting.

You might have been an airbnb client yourself, which means that you are well aware of the quantity of apartments available for guests to choose. Studies state that the same furniture and decor on two different apartments will have the feeling of actually being the same apartment - on the mind of a guest choosing his weekend holiday apartment. Therefore, if an owner chooses different furniture, different items, and from a different market than the outstanding apartments - most likely that will give a boost on the occupancy rates.

Secondly, the short-term market is usually a market that requires high quality furniture so that the owner does not have to deal with extra costs over the next 5 years to come due to damaged items. Guests using an apartment for a weekend are not considered the most careful ones - therefore a good quality furniture is essential.

Luckily for our clients Lisbon Furniture Packs have high quality furniture from very exclusive suppliers.