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About Us

About Us

Lisbon Furniture Pack is a Company created to support and assist the need of Golden Visa clients or Foregner Investors that wish to furnish the property overseas.

Being very experienced within the Real Estate Portuguese Market we are very much aware of the requirements and needs of an investor. Usually their time is short and they wish to work with efficient companies that meet their expectations. We have created Lisbon Furniture Packs around those two concepts: Efficiency and meeting clients expectation.

For efficiency purposes we understand that viewing the property does not require the presence of the owner. We are used to contacting the lawyers directly or other contacts available in order to schedule our first viewing. Being able to do so determines the efficiency of our job. We will right away determine the style that the building has, the area that it is integrated in, the typologie of the apartment and the current layout. More than viewing plans we viewed the property itself and that will allow us to provide our client an excellent Furniture Proposal.

After viewing the property it is also important to assess what style does the client like more and what is their budget. With these 3 elements (viewing, budget and style) we are able to deliver a Proposal that will definitely suit our clients needs.

Once the order is in we need a few weeks to gather all items. The list will be provided previously to the client and after the installation a checking of it will be done.

We have an amazing installation team that is very careful with all items and especially with decoration items, that will also provide a checking of all items received so that we ensure no damaged furniture. During a period of one or two days you will have your apartment brand newly furnished and ready to be rented out.

Our job will be complete once we have the pleasure to send you some pictures of the result. Any method of communication (skype call, whats app video and pictures or e-mail) will be chosen to send you the amazing result.